2013 MacTech Conference Pre-Reg Discount w/Workshops

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Learn. Network.
Find the right tools.

MacTech BootCamp II

MacTech Insight at 2013 CES

MacTech InDepth

MacTech Conference

Your personal upgrade. 

MacTech BootCamp II: 

Seattle, WA: Mar 6, 2013 

Dallas, TX: Apr 17, 2013 

Boston, MA: May 15, 2013 

Washington, DC: Jun 26, 2013 

Chicago, IL: Jul 17, 2013 

San Francisco, CA: Aug 13, 2013 

Atlanta, GA: Sep 18, 2013 

MacTech Insight at 2013 CES: 

Las Vegas, NV: Jan 10, 2013 

MacTech InDepth: 

Network & WiFi Design & Troubleshooting:  

San Jose, CA: Mar 20, 2013 

MacTech Conference: 

Los Angeles, CA: Nov 6-8, 2013 

Act quickly.
Limited capacity events.


Full-day immersive hotel-based or conference center based events 

Several sessions dedicated to consultants and techs

Meet new people and spend quality time with those you know. 

Meals included 

Several Vendor QuickTalks 


MacTech events are unique in our style, and approach. Based on MacTech's proven approach for delivering a great deal of content in a short period of time, MacTech's events combine expert speakers with a choice selection of vendors to bring attendees a solid understanding of the main issues surrounding a topic, answers and methodology, as well as offerings by leading solution providers. 


Those who need to know about specific technical topics with an Apple market point of view. 

You're going to leave a better, more connected tech. We want you to learn better ways of working directly from the people that are already putting new tools and practices to work. When you're ready, go register here. 

You'll be in an immersive environment with your peers and some of the best talent in the Apple community. MacTech events will provide opportunities for structured and unstructured conversations. Think of it as the ultimate hallway session. 


From the moment you walk in the door, you are either learning or networking with others. To that end, lunch and breaks are included for the seminars (except for MacTech Insight at CES), and additional meals for the three day conference. 

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